Panama again

Once again return to Panama, which means going back to the canal to get to the Atlantic, of course. This time we have to spend the day and take the opportunity to show you the images that follow. But before you see them, just give them some data.
The Panama Canal is crossed by two bridges in its thirty miles, the centennial bridge, modern, since it was inaugurated in 2004, and the bridge of the Americas, which since the opening of the Panama Canal, Halves to which the country (and the continent) was converted after the construction of the same. The centenary bridge measures from the water level to its lowest part (gauge measure), eighty meters high. The bridge of the Americas only sixty-five meters, which is the condition of height that ships with large masts have to cross Panama.
The Nirvana was built based on these measures to be able to travel around the world through the tropics, and thus the mast of the major passes justito justito below the bridge. In fact, the mast of the pole top and knob lights are hinged to recline them and there is no risk of breakage. What is obvious is that these measures are taken with the highest tide, so with waiting at low tide and guarantees that you will not touch the top of the stick with the bridge. However it gives some fun to be up there and see the bridge approaching