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Wakesurfing table for beginners, Airhead

Getting started in Wakesurfing is easy if you have the right accessories and knowledge, this will help you have a less traumatic start and have fun while learning a new water sport.

This sport is drag type, which means you’ll need to use a Wakesurf Board for initiation that’s right for you, a sturdy, sturdy cable and other accessories to complement your start. offers you the best option to start your initiation in a firm and proper way, in their store you will find the best Wakesurf Board for Initiation in a way that you will not be able to avoid acquiring it and start trying it.

What do I need to take into account when buying a Wakesurf board?

It is very important that the board you purchase helps you understand the mechanics of water sports; it will not prevent you from falling into the water, but if it will give you the stability you need, know a little more about what you should be aware of:

*Avoid falls: You need to buy a board, like the one offered by the store, which allows you to maintain balance and with which you can turn your hip so that you do not stand against the water and leave shot into it.

*Use a short cable: To start your initiation, use a shorter cable, the longer it is the less you can handle the board and be without control over the water, use the cable as short as possible.

*Don’t pull the cable: You don’t need to keep the tension on your arms, as you’ll get tired very quickly; allow the cable to drag you across the surface of the water and let yourself be carried away by the speed of the boat.

*Use a life jacket: It is very important that you use a life jacket, so if you fall you can get to the surface quickly without so much effort, also, you can avoid an accident, so it is better to prevent.

*Bend your knees: At first you can maintain a position close to the board, this will help you maintain balance and familiarize yourself with the movement, with practice you can stand or start once stopped.

*Distribute your body: When you begin to be dragged and get out of the water, keep your body supported on one foot in front of your body, then little by little you will have to align your feet if you will go with both hands attached to the cable.

The Wakesurf Board model Banzai for beginners is perfect for both children and adults, offer you a lightweight equipment and easy to use, you can use it on your knees, squatting. With your legs flexed or standing.
This board is very easy to tie and control, which makes learning simple and fun at the same time; you will have in your hands the best equipment to start wakesurfing this sport so interesting and dynamic

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